How to Reset Your Facebook Password

If you forgot your Facebook password,  you can try retrieving it from other sources  like your browser’s password manager. If you had saved that password, in your browser,  then you can see it in plain text from the password manager. Continue reading “How to Reset Your Facebook Password”

Find Out Who Tweeted It First.

You can download your Twitter Archive and find your First tweet very easily.  As you browse through Twitter’s trending topic and slogans,  sometimes you want to know where a particular ‘#hashtag’ or word (e.g. twerk) originated from.  Who said if first on Twitter? Continue reading “Find Out Who Tweeted It First.”

Did You Forget To Log Out Of Facebook?

In this gadget era,  there are very many computers and devices around us, all of which you can use to log in to your Facebook account.  It’s therefore very easy to leave your Facebook account logged in on a device you didn’t intend to. Continue reading “Did You Forget To Log Out Of Facebook?”

How To Hide Your Birthday On Facebook

Birthday parties were very interesting when you were young. It’s all you could look forward to and you couldn’t wait to tell all your friends when it was and how old you were turning.   Continue reading “How To Hide Your Birthday On Facebook”

How To Send a Group Email In Gmail

Gmail allows users to send an email to multiple recipients at the same time.  You can either the To, Cc or Bcc fields to send that email to that group. Continue reading “How To Send a Group Email In Gmail”

Which Facebook Badge Should I Use On My Website?

Facebook badges allow the visitors on your website or blog to see or interact with your Facebook information,  photos, Facebook page e.t.c. Continue reading “Which Facebook Badge Should I Use On My Website?”

Add Your Family Members To Facebook

Everybody knows you can specify who you are in a romantic relationship with on Facebook.  Facebook also allows you to specify your Family members in the ‘About’ section of your profile. Continue reading “Add Your Family Members To Facebook”

How to Pin Windows Defender To The Taskbar

Windows defender is a built in utility that protects your Windows computer from malware and other potentially harmful software.  If you use your windows defender often,  you might want to pin it to the taskbar for easy access. Continue reading “How to Pin Windows Defender To The Taskbar”

How To Unfollow Someone On Facebook

We all have those people we don’t want to interact with all the time but want to keep them as friends.  This is the kind of experience that was brought by the Facebook follow button. Continue reading “How To Unfollow Someone On Facebook”

How To Delete Bookmarks In Firefox

Mozilla Firefox allows you to store Web pages you visit often as bookmarks. The browser also allows the users to delete bookmarks they no longer need at any time. Continue reading “How To Delete Bookmarks In Firefox”

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