How to Embed Facebook Posts in your Blog/Website

At Tech Blog, we’re delighted to let you know that you can embed Facebook posts directly into posts and pages on your blog or website. Facebook introduced a social plugin called ‘Embedd Posts’.
This plugin lets you easily add public posts from Facebook to your blog or web site.

To embed a post, first check if the post is public by hovering over the audience selector (you’ll see a globe icon). Only public posts from Pages and Facebook users can be embedded.

If the post is public, click the “Embed Post” option in the drop down menu:

You will see a dialogue box box that looks similar to this one

If you are using wordpress or Blogger, make sure you are editing your post in the html code mode before you paste the embedd code for it to work.

There u go! As simple as that!

The embedded post will show any media attached to it, as well as the number of likes, shares, and comments that the post has. Embedding posts will let people using your web site see the same rich information that is shown on, and they will enable people to follow or like content authors or Pages directly from the embed.

How To Use The iPhone 5S Home Button

hot to use iphone 5 home buttonA supposed manual for the phone has leaked at This manual shows Apple’s new iPhone has a different home button with a silver ring.
The home button is labeled as a “Touch ID,” which would presumably be Apple’s new fingerprint scanning technology.
As with all leaks, you should be skeptical. We’re only a few hours from the official event so we’ll know soon enough if it’s legit.

If the iPhone 5S home button lives up to its reputation, it pulls double duty as a fingerprint scanner. The scanner adds another layer of security to your iPhone by allowing you to use the fingerprint scanner in lieu of a passcode.

The Different Uses of the iPhone 5 Home Button

When iPhone is sleeping: Press the Home button twice quickly to reveal the Unlock slider, the Camera button, and the playback controls.
When iPhone is unlocked: Press the Home button twice quickly to reveal the multitasking bar. Slide the multitasking bar to the right to reveal the Orientation Lock button and playback controls.
Pressing the Home button once has four results, depending on your point of departure:
When iPhone is sleeping: Press the Home button once to wake your iPhone, and then slide the slider to unlock it or drag the Camera button up to take a picture.
From the first Home screen: Press the Home button once to open Spotlight Search.
From any Home screen that isn’t the first one: Press the Home button once to return to the first Home screen.

From an app: Press the Home button once to return to the Home screen that was most recently viewed. The app remains running in the background until you close it from the multitasking bar.
Press and hold: Whether your iPhone is sleeping, locked, or awake, press and hold the Home button to summon Siri (an Internet connection is required for Siri to function), or Voice Control, if you have Siri turned off.
Press the Home button and On/Off Sleep/Wake button simultaneously: Captures an image of the screen, known as a screenshot, and stores it in the Camera Roll of the Photos app.
Hold the Home button and the On/Off Sleep/Wake button simultaneously: Your iPhone will turn off without displaying the Slide to Power Off slider.
Go to Settings→General→Accessibility→Triple-Click to activate any or all options including VoiceOver, Invert Colors, Zoom, and AssistiveTouch: When activated, triple-clicking the Home button solicits those functions.

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How To Extend your Smartphone Battery Life

Poor battery life has the biggest impact on smartphone consumer satisfaction. The more functionality we pack into our smartphones, the more power they need to run.
Running out of juice is still the number one annoyance for smartphone owners. We’re not much closer to long lasting smartphone batteries, because we’re still reliant on the same old technology.

While we wait for the hardware development to catch up, the alternative will be to conserve battery life.
As it is with our energy levels, battery life can be effectively utilized and managed, leaving nothing to go to waste. Without a battery charger or a spare battery with you everywhere you go, you’ll have to make due with minimizing the consumption of battery juice.
How do you make that battery last? What are the essential tips for saving smartphone battery life that will see you through the day?

Dim Your Screen
As smartphone screens get bigger, the display is responsible for eating more and more of the battery life. Reducing brightness level on your screen will have an impact.

Decrease the screen timeout.
You’ll find it in Settings > Display. Make it as low as you possibly can before you find it terribly frustrating that your screen keeps turning itself off. On Windows Phone you’ll find the option in Settings > Lock + wallpaper > Screen times out after. On BB10 it’s Settings > Display > Screen Lock Timeout.

Use Dark Background
If you have an AMOLED screen, then you can save battery by using a dark background. The technology turns off pixels when they are black, so if you have predominantly black wallpaper, then you can actually save a lot of battery power.

Disable GPS
Your smartphone has a GPS unit that allows the sending and receiving of signals to and from satellites to determine your exact location. When left running in the background, some of these apps may continue to send and receive signals. It takes a lot out of your battery to continuously do that, even if you aren’t aware of it.

Switch Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not In Use
Energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for signals, Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth etc. When the reception is poor, the phone will continue scanning to attain a good connection. Repeated searches for these signals can easily make your battery level drop a notch.

Keep your apps up to date.
Developers often release updates for apps and games that offer improved optimization and this can have a big impact on battery life. If you discover a battery hog, then have it uninstalled.

Keep it Cool
Keep your smartphone as cool as possible. Sitting in direct sunlight on the dashboard of your car will actually drain the battery faster.

Charge Your Battery Correctly
Different batteries respond to different charging schedules. Most smartphones have lithium-ion batteries. One thing that many people do which can degrade the battery’s health is to leave it plugged in after it is fully charged. If you’re going to charge your phone overnight, then try to use a charger that shuts off once the battery is full. It’s also best not to let your battery fully discharge too often.

Top 5 Smart Watches 2013

A smartwatch or smart watch, alternatively known as a watch phone, is a computerized wristwatch with functionality enhanced beyond timekeeping, often with features comparable to a PDA. While early models were capable of performing basic tasks like calculations, translations, or playing games, modern smartwatches are effectively wearable computers.

The emerging wearable computing market, in the form of smartwatches and smart glasses, has proven to developers and manufacturers that consumers are seeking to make data creation and consumption even more convenient than it already is.

As Apple, Microsoft, Google and Samsung are battling it out, the interest in the future of the wrist – from Tim Cook and his fiercest rivals’ companies – is genuine, as are the questions around the category’s future.

Will these devices be more wrist-worn controllers for smartphones (and other devices) than running their own apps? Will they kill off the fitness-tracking bands, or provide the companies making those like Jawbone, Fitbit and Nike with a new product category to move into? Those questions won’t be answered until 2014 at the earliest, whenever the Galaxy Gear goes on sale.

Smart watches have been around for a while. The smartphones and tablets from the leading Tech Firms have shadowed the Smart watches. Before we get a clear picture of what the Apple, Google and Samsung Smart watches are all about, I have been asked to review the existing Smartwatches. My research on user opinioins and reviews have helped me shortlist the best Smart watches of 2013.

1. Pebble Smartwatch *Best Smartwatch of 2013*

The Pebble Smartwatch is unanimously the crowd favorite. The Pebble E-Paper Watch began as a great idea with insufficient funding, as all great startups do. The Pebble smartwatch is not intended to be a replacement for your iPhone or Android equipped cell, but rather an extension of your phone’s display that allows for some remedial user input. The Pebble E-Paper Watch is compatible with iPhone 3GS and up and with Android devices running OS 2.3 and up. On the iPhone, the Pebble is mostly controlled and configured from within iOS. For familiarity and ease of use, this is a good idea. However, presently there is only limited support for Pebble functionality in iOS. 

2. Martian Smartwatch

Since Martian announced that its popular Martian Watch was compatible with the WhatsApp Messenger and LINE apps on Android smartphones with firmware update v1.43 it gained popularity  very quickly. On smartphones using Android Jellybean 4.1 or higher, WhatsApp allows notifications to appear on the Martian Watch OLED display with the date of notification, the sender’s name and corresponding message. In addition, if you turn on “text-to-speech” in the Martian Watch Alerts App, incoming messages will be read to you automatically … a very nice touch when your hands are otherwise occupied.

3. i’m Watch Smartwatch

The im Watch smartwatch is based on an unimpressive 400 MHz single-core CPU, has a paltry 128MB of RAM, and an overabundant 4GB of internal storage. From the moment you first engage the watch, it becomes painfully obvious that the CPU and minimal RAM are insufficient to meet the needs of the GUI and included applications.
Another unfortunate element of the im Smartwatch is that it requires an iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth tethering enabled. Absent such capability, the smartwatch cannot install apps or receive firmware and software updates. Therefore, if tethering is not offered as a standard feature by your cellular service provider, you need to subscribe to a tethering plan which generally costs $15 – $30 per month. This is a significant deal breaker for me that simply is an unnecessary design flaw.

4. ConnecteDevice Cookoo Smartwatch

#4 Best Smartwatch - ConnecteDevice Cookoo

5. Metawatch

#5 Best Smartwatch - Metawatch

Rounding up our favorite smatwatches list is the illusive MetaWatch. Although the MetaWatch is the least visually pleasing on our list of favorites, its firmware and software are by far the most polished and least buggy.
Read more:

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Handy Ways to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

The PDF (Portable document format) file format was originally created by Adobe in the early ’90s and there are now over 700+ million PDF documents on the Internet according to Google.
The main goal was to become the standard for the any kind of transmission
of large documents. Everyone, from business owners and educators to government personnel use the PDF file to transmit large documents.

There are several reasons why the PDF file format is very popular.

  • PDF files are generally more compact (smaller in size) than the source document and they preserve the original formatting.
  • Unlike Word and other popular document formats, the content of a PDF file cannot be modified easily. You can also prevent other users from printing or copying text from PDF documents.
  • You can open a PDF file on any computer or mobile device with free software like Adobe Acrobat Reader. Google Chrome can read PDFs without requiring plugins and it can create PDFs.

Many of us have encountered situations where PDF files needed to be edited, for different reasons.
  • This is a very tricky process and one may easily destroy a document in the process of editing PDF files.
  • PDF files are an accurate representation of a document. They are meant for output or on-screen viewing.
  • They are not intended to be intermediate files that can still be edited. But what if the PDF file contains grammar and spelling mistakes? Such a document simply cannot represent your business and needs to be edited. Whenever possible, try to make the changes in the Word file, and recreate the PDF from it.
PDF Files are perfect for a company that wants to send information like annual reports without having to worry about someone editing the PDF file. However, this is not too great for people who need to copy and paste a part of the PDF into a Word document or edit the PDF in any way.

Edit PDF Files using Free Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat  
You can perform edits in a PDF easily with, an online PDF editor that is free and also lets you edit password-protected PDF documents in the browser. Sometimes you need to make minor changes to a PDF file. e.g you may want to hide your personal phone number from a PDF file before uploading it online or may want to annotate a page with notes and freehand drawings.
If you would like to edit the meta-data associated* with a PDF document, check out Becy PDFMetaEdit. This is a free utility that can help you edit properties of a PDF document including the title, author name, creation data, keywords, etc.
Edit Text in a PDF File
If you want to edit large amounts of text in a PDF file but don’t have access to the source documents, your best bet is that you convert the PDF file into an editable Word document or an Excel spreadsheet depending on the contents of the PDF.
Then edit these converted PDFs in Microsoft Office (or Google Docs) and export the modified files back into PDF format using any PDF writer.
PDF Converters:

You Can Print a YouTube Video

 The storyboard for any video you watch on the Youtube website is automatically downloaded in the background. The Print YouTube bookmarklet from stitches all these storyboard frames as one large poster as shown in the video demo below.

To get started, drag the below bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.

Print YouTube Video

Then open any video on YouTube, click the bookmarklet link and it should instantly generate a storyboard for that video which you can either print or save as PDF.

These storyboards offer a visual summary of videos.

SOURCE: Labnol.0rg

How To Add a Logo To Your YouTube Videos

Are you being consistent with your branding across your blog, social media sites, and videos? Have you ensured that if your video is being shared that it is branded with your logo?

You can use any video editing software to add logos or watermarks to your videos before uploading them to YouTube
Youtube allow you to add your logo to all of your already uploaded videos. This very important feature will help set you apart from others in your niche.
This feature is called InVideo Programming that will help you add any custom image to all your Youtube videos with a few clicks without having to edit the original video.

You can choose to display the logo at the start of the video, somewhere in the middle or even for the entire duration of the video. Also, the logo can be placed in either corners of the YouTube player.

Get some free logos from here

How To Easily Transfer Files Between Computers Devices Over Wi-Fi

This is a software utility that helps users copy files of any type between any two computers (PC-PC, PC-Mac, Mac-Mac) over your Wi-Fi network. The transfer  speeds are high and there are no limits to the size of file you can transfer.
You can also transfer entire folders from one computer to another without having to zip them first.

To get started, you need to install the Any Send app on your computers. Then select one or more files that you wish to transfer to the other machine. Press Ctrl + C to copy these files to the clipboard, click the Any Send icon in the Windows task bar (or the Menu bar of your Mac), and select the other computer’s name. The file transfer will happen instantly. 

They also have an Android app that will let you quickly send files from any Windows or Mac computer to your Android mobile phone or vice-versa.

Any Send is easy to setup and requires no configuration. The only condition is that all your computers (and Android devices) should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Google Keyword Tool Has Been Replaced By Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Tool has officially been retired. This change has sparked mixed reactions. There are positive and negative aspects to being forced to use the Keyword Planner instead of the Keyword Tool.

Advantages Of The Keyword Planner

  • The Keyword Planner allows local SEO and SEM professionals to get keyword search volume data.
  • Users are able to upload up to 10,000 keywords from their own list to get performance data. 
  • Keyword Planner will show search volumes by ad group, landing page and any other categorization set by the user.

Negatives Of The Keyword Planner

  • The Keyword Planner forces users to login to an AdWords account in order to use it.
  • The Keyword Planner has no match type data for search volume
  • The keyword Planner has no device targeting
  • There are no global vs. local monthly searches. 
  • Currently, the option to filter by closely related search terms is gone, but Google says it will be brought back in the coming weeks.

Peerfly. How To Get Accepted Quickly

Why you should get accepted to Peerfly?

Over the past several years PeerFly has become one of the top affiliate networks in the game and have an excellent reputation among successful affiliate marketers and people within the industry. Peerfly is serving over 1 million clicks daily
and is one of the top networks in the game and always looking to work with new affiliates through out the world. 
Payments are sent out on a bi-weekly, weekly and daily basis depending on the amount of volume and earnings an affiliate performs with the network. In addition to having a low payment threshold, PeerFly can also pay out their affiliates in the following methods: Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Some publishers claim to be earning more with Peerfly than adsense. Peerfly banners can also be used together with adsense banners as long as you dont break the TOS of either network.
That is more than enough reason for you to Sign up for a Peerfly account and start earning immediately.
Just like Adsense, and all other high paying advertising networks, its not easy to get accepted to Peerfly. A rigorous vetting exercise is carried out to determine who gets accepted and who doesn’t. 
Sometimes it takes up to 3 months to get accepted. 

How to Get Accepted To Peerfly Quickly

1. Be Honest
 Signing up and using their service is 100% free. You do however need to submit some “private” information such as zip code and address, but you don’t need to worry about that since the PeerFly team is very professional and will not share, rent or sell your personal information.
You will also have to explain how you are going to promote their CPA offers. If you have a website where you plan to market the CPA offers you will have to mention it. Also, you will have to mention what type of traffic that you will mainly be sending, such as PPC, PPPV, search engine, social media or other traffic. This information is necessary for them to determine your intentions.
2. Referral link
Most publishers dont like using referral links to sign up. The truth is, you have nothing to loose when you sign up using a referral link. Actually when you get referred to Peerfly by an already established affiliate, your chances are higher. Use my referral link to increase your chances of getting accepted.  or click on the banner below to sign up.

3. Learn the disallowed traffic methods
Before signing up, read through the Disallowed traffic methods on the Peerfly blog. So that when you are registering, you know what to say. But try to be as honest as possible. 
Its not so hard after all, is it?